10 Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Think Of Yet

What Every Girl Should Know

source: goo.gl/YHoxgr
source: goo.gl/YHoxgr

Hair and makeup application are no joke! I’ve always had to set aside an extra hour in the morning after I shower to get fully dressed. Here are some hacks that will make your beauty routine much easier and more enjoyable!

Lipstick Not Sticking?

source: goo.gl/7OKl8k
source: goo.gl/7OKl8k

Lipstick not staying on all night long? To make your lip color stay, my mom taught me to apply lipstick then hold a tissue over your lips and dust over some translucent powder.

Voluminous Eyelashes!

source: goo.gl/RLMtTr
source: goo.gl/RLMtTr

Eyelashes are there to make your eyes POP! That’s hard to do when they won’t stay curled. You wouldn’t expect your curling iron to work correctly without heat so why should your eyelash curler? Use your hair dryer to heat your eyelash curler up for a few seconds. Make sure you test how hot it is on your arm before putting it against your eye!

Want Lips Like Kylie?

source: goo.gl/2T2Aya
source: goo.gl/2T2Aya

Outline your lips with a lip liner, apply some concealer to the center of your lips then put on your favorite lipstick followed by lipgloss to give the illusion of bigger, fuller lips!

Easy & Fast Curls

source: goo.gl/8o5vT1
source: goo.gl/8o5vT1

I’ve tried this trick first hand because I was skeptical of the idea of a high ponytail helping to cut time curling my hair! It WORKS! Put your hair in a high ponytail, curl the ends and release your pony. Voluminous and FAST curls!

The Headache of Glitter Nail Polish Removal

source: goo.gl/XFiDhp
source: goo.gl/XFiDhp

Who doesn’t love glitter nail polish? The downside is always the hours you spend trying to take it off! Try this trick: Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nail then wrap it in tinfoil. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes then remove it!

Hair Washing Skip Day?

source: goo.gl/NjQxyv
source: goo.gl/NjQxyv

Dry shampoo is a product sent from God! Did you know it works even better when used the night before? Apply dry shampoo to your roots before you go to sleep so the product absorbs fully. The next morning your hair will look clean and have additional volume!

Perfume Placement

source: goo.gl/6OG3Wc
source: goo.gl/6OG3Wc

Make sure your favorite perfume is being admired! (Hey, Vera Wang Princess!) The best places to apply your perfume are inside your wrist, behind your ears, on your throat, inside your elbows, and inside your knees.

Want Bigger Eyes?

source: goo.gl/Jh25Aj
source: goo.gl/Jh25Aj

I have big eyes already but I’m guilty of applying a little white eyeliner to my lower lash line to make my eyes pop. This fix can also make you look less tired if you had a long night!

Fix Dried Up Mascara

source: goo.gl/lprcWt
source: goo.gl/lprcWt

You shouldn’t keep mascara for longer than 3 months because of the risk of getting an eye infection. However, if it dries up before 3 months, mix a little contact solution to make it smooth again!

Bobby Pins Sliding?

source: goo.gl/fTjlLS
source: goo.gl/fTjlLS

I have extremely fine hair and have always struggled with bobby pins sliding right out of my hair! To stop this from happening, apply hairspray to your bobby pins before putting them in your hair.

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