Here’s How To Know You Found “The One”

You Want to Be In A Relationship With Your Partner

It’s okay to end a relationship because you don’t want to be in one, it doesn’t have to be more complex than that. If you’re with your partner because you feel like you “should” be or “have to” be, that’s not true love. True love is a choice you continue to make, because you feel life is better with your partner in it.

You Don’t Feel Like You Need to Hide Anything From Them

If your relationship works because you leave your issues under the surface, it’s not really working. Someday, that bubble has to burst. Be with someone who loves all of you, not just the parts you feel comfortable showing.

You Respect Each Other

It’s okay to feel there is an imbalance between you and another person, but it’s not okay for that superiority to be present in a romantic relationship. Be with someone that shares a mutual respect with you, not someone you’re constantly sizing up.

You Are Happy for Their Successes

The green monster is tough to shake, and jealousy doesn’t go away easily. A healthy relationship isn’t a competition, so seek out someone who makes you feel comfortable just existing.

Neither Of You Is Depending On The Other To Feel Complete

The classic phrase “we complete each other” is kind of flawed. What romantic couples really mean when they say that is, “we complement each other.” Looking to another person for some part of yourself that you feel is missing is a codependent relationship, which does more harm to your self worth than good.

Your Relationship Is Successful When You Are Together And Apart

In a healthy relationship, both partners are independent people capable of living separate lives that choose to share time with one another. If you do not feel comfortable with your partner having social circles outside your own, and feel intimidated when they have intimate relationships with other people (or vice versa,) you should consider taking some time off from the relationship and establishing yourselves separately.

You Don’t Have a Secret Back Up Plan

If you really want to be with this person, why are you planning every worst case scenario in your head? If your nagging doubts don’t disappear when you talk to your partner about your concerns, it might be time to start listening to your conscience.

You Inspire Each Other To Be Better People

You should always surround yourself with people who improve your life, especially when it comes to your significant other. If you are in a happy relationship, but your partner does not motivate you to achieve your goals and better yourself as a person, you may be better friends than you are lovers.

You Know That The Feeling Is Mutual

This is the most saddening problem a relationship can face, but it is a perfectly valid reason to see other people. If you feel like your partner doesn’t love you as much as you love them, or the passion in your relationship is gone, even if you still feel love for them you may be better off with someone else. You will find someone who can return the love that you give, I promise you that. But you’ll never be able to find it if you keep wasting your affections on someone who just can’t feel the way you want them to.

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