How To Make The Bedroom More Exciting

Play Dress Up

natalie portman lying down in mesh looking beautiful wearing nude makeup

When a couple has been together for a long time, they become more accustomed to showing more relaxed sides of themselves. This is a really lovely feeling, but wearing sweats day to day doesn’t always inspire frisky business. Try changing up your ensemble next time you try to woo your partner, just a little extra effort can set their head spinning.

Enjoy A Change of Scenery

beautiful romantic couple in love laying down in hotel bed looking romantically into each others eyes

There’s something about going to the same room every night that makes us fall into a routine, and that’s no good for anyone’s love life. Give yourself permission to go a little crazy, and invite your man to stay with you at a hotel or rental room for the night. There’s something about a change of scenery that will send a clear message that you’re prepared to get it on.

Glow Up

romantic married couple in a relationship in bed with under bed LED lighting man walking to the bathroom in love

Maybe you can’t afford a new hotel or new location, but everyone can make the same locations seem new with some romantic lighting. The next time you want to get down and dirty with your guy, try investing in some new LEDS that will turn your bedroom into a technicolor palace, or go for the traditional candles that send a clear message. With the right lighting and some romantic music, you can send your man to new places he’s only dreamed of.

Use Your Words

attractive man in love makes romantic eye contact while beautiful woman whispers into man's ear

No matter what they may tell you, men are just as insecure in bed as women are. And, just like women, they love to hear what they’re doing right. The next time you’re with your man, get a little more vocal when he’s making the right moves. The surge of confidence will make him love you even more, and treat you the best way possible as a result.

Set the Scene

romantic couple in love takes sensual bath in golden tub with beautiful woman attractive man and roses and candles and wine or champagne

Rose petals and candles aren’t just for the ladies, men can appreciate a little love, too. Just put on a little music, get out some wine glasses, and fill the bathtub with bubbles. Your man won’t be able to resist your enticing love trap. (Bonus: This plan is a win-win, because there’s never a bad time to enjoy a romantic bubble bath. Even with yourself!)

Make Him Wait

beautiful woman flirting with attractive man in love at dinner teasing with champagne

We’ve all heard the phrase “Take me out to dinner first,” but few ladies think to give their man something beforehand. Invite your guy out for the night, but spend the evening revealing what you’ll be doing to him after. He’ll be so attracted to you, he won’t even be able to read the menu. If you’re feeling really devilish, make him stay for dessert. Just remind him when he’s practically begging you to leave that he’ll be getting his something sweet at home.

Picture This

beautiful couple taking a phone selfie in bed love wearing plunging neckline and holding smartphone

Anyone can send a naughty message, but few guys get to go behind the scenes. Instead of sending your man a picture, give him the camera and let yourself play model for the night. Seeing you pose for him will drive your man wild.

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