This Is What Happens When Couples Shower Together

Making the “Eco-Friendly Shower” Joke

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“We’re totally saving water by showering together!” You don’t need to justify hanging out in the shower every time you decide to do it together. Really, it’s fun enough as is!

Taking The Longest Shower of Your Life

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When you’re showering by yourself, it’s all about getting clean. When you’re showering together… sometimes it’s the opposite. Oh, and then getting clean after. (What was that about saving water, again?)

Trying to Wash Each Other… Unsuccessfully

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We’ve all seen the cute photos of couples online shampooing each others’ hair. Adorable right? Well, it’s definitely not as cute when you attempt it irl… unless you think stinging red eyes filled with soap are adorable. In which case, you’re cuter than ever!

Fighting Over The Shower Head

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Unless you’re a millionaire, or just more open-minded than the rest of us, showers aren’t made for two people. Because of this, you inevitably end up spending half of your shower enjoying each others’ company… and the other half wet, cold, and in the buff. It’s practically the Revenant, in there. No lie.

The Shower Shuffle

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Luckily, there is one way to share the shower head: shuffling around in a circle! It takes a lot of scheming to develop a system of soaping up and rinsing before either of you get cold, but communication is key to a healthy relationship! If anything, showering is an exercise in relationship management.

Trying (And Failing!) to Make A Move

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It’s inevitable. You’re both standing there, smelling great, flaunting what nature gave you. Something is going to go down. Unfortunately, that’s probably going to be you, when you slip and fall on the ground. The movies make it look so easy, but really it’s difficult to do anything in the shower besides washing off!

Someone Trying to Use the Shower as a Toilet

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No matter how well you think you know someone, the question of whether they can relieve themselves in the shower while you’re there will come up. Something about the shower makes guys think it’s okay, even though they’d never do it otherwise. Just because there’s a drain, doesn’t mean you should go there. Seriously.

Finally Realizing Who’s Been Using Your Soap

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You’ve got your own arsenal of beauty products lined up that could basically pay your rent, because you take your look seriously. And apparently, your boyfriend does too! Nothing ruins the moment quite like seeing your boyfriend take out a big scoop of your favorite deep conditioner and smear it on his oblivious little head. Just remind yourself you love him… and hope that’s enough to save his despicable silky-haired life.

Suddenly You Can’t Shower Alone, Ever

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After one or two showers, you find yourself confronted with “Without me?” every time you’re headed towards the bathroom. Suddenly you’re sneaking around, waiting until you’re alone in the house to take a shower. You start feeling guilty, buying new soaps for yourself on the side so your partner can’t check the levels. Who knew getting clean could feel so… dirty…

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